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Get the benefits of the largest GSM Data Network in North America with seamless roaming across all North American networks. Fast, simple and secure communications whenever and whereever their needed

  • National 3G Coverage
  • GPRS Data Services
  • SMS SMPP Data Services
  • HSDPA - Edge - Voice
  • Largest GSM Footprint
Dealer Asset Management features.

One of the great benefits of having a SureTrackGPS system is the ability to manage the entire inventory of a dealership in real time. The system has many features that automate the day-to-day inventory control.

  • Geo Fence – programs the perimeter that vehicle can be used otherwise management is alerted via text message or e-mail. If car driven outside the test drive area, management is alerted.
  • Curfew – operation hours can be set up so that when vehicles are moved during curfew hours, management is alerted.
  • Low battery report: programmable to alert management when battery is bellow certain level.
  • Locate vehicle: if vehicle is not accounted for in the lot, it can be immediately located.
  • Lock unlock: vehicles can be set up to receive a lock command at the end of the day to make sure the entire inventory is locked and safe.
  • Speed control - when vehicle exceed certain speed during test drive or when used by employee management is notified via text message or e-mail