Protect Your Vehicle
Protect Your Family
SureTrackGPS Immediate Warning System alerts you by phone, e-mail, or text message when your vehicle is stolen or taken without your permission.
SureTrackGPS Advantage over other systems.

There are many features and benefits that make SureTrackGPS one of the top tracking devices in the country. There is also a lot that can be said about the quality of the product as well as the network that it is used on this device but here is just a sample of some features that distinguishes SureTrackGPS from other systems.

  • Ultra low current draw (19ma)
  • Lifetime hardware warranty
  • Lifetime stolen vehicle recovery
  • Ul approved central monitoring station 24x7x365
  • Quad band international capable gsm radio
  • High sensitivity gps receiver for optimum indoor coverage
  • Superior gsm network coverage on both att & t-mobile vs. T-mobile only
  • Automated dealership installation tools / scanners / toll free based telephone testing systems
  • High performance sms communications vs. Low cost / low performance gprs
  • Patented automated telephone and email / text notifications
  • All inventory and parts bar coded for easy tracking and installation services
  • Network based vin decoders for true vehicle description information (requires use of scanner)
  • Ultra reliable network deployment in partnership with the County of Orange California who provides all data center infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Telematics interface port which allows connection to more than 200 models of auto security and remote start systems.