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SureTrackGPS Immediate Warning System alerts you by phone, e-mail, or text message when your vehicle is stolen or taken without your permission.

Automated Telephone Command System

The Automated Telephone Command System allows you to send remote control commands to your vehicle over the telephone utilizing its touch tone keys.

These actions include:

1. Arm/Lock* 6. Speed Alert Off
2. Disarm/Unlock* 7. Geo Fence On
3. Remote Engine Start* 8. Geo Fence Off
4. Speed Alert On 9. Theft Reset
5. Vehicle’s Location  

* Vehicle must be equipped with the proper product and features. Please see salesman for details. Additional parts and more labor may be required.

In order to access the tracking device via the telephone, the home phone number that was provided on the activation form must be entered. The password will be the same one that is set for the website.

Login and Menu:

To use the Automated Telephone Command System

1. Call 1-800-705-8766

2. Press 1 for Vehicle Commands

    Press 2 to Report a Stolen vehicle

    Press 3 for Customer Service

    Press 4 for Dealer Services

    Press 5 to Repeat Options

3. Press 1 to send Vehicle Commands.

4. Please enter your home area code and phone number now. (this number must match the information on your activation form)

5. Please enter your account password followed by the # sign. (only applicable with a convenience plan)

Once you have entered the system, you will be prompted with a menu of available services. After you select a command, it may take 1 to 3 minutes for a control confirmation since the control message has to broadcast over the wireless network and send back an acknowledgment. Please be patient.